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Erin Yilmaz

Content Creator, Collaborator, Coffee Drinker, Kansas

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More about Erin . . .

Erin Yilmaz is a content creator, collaborator, coffee drinker (at least until both of her children are in school), and slow-talking Kansan who has politely laughed at more Wizard of Oz jokes than you could imagine. Having been raised on a farm, she and her siblings had to create their own fun. She uses the creativity she learned then to design fun activities and games for children and adults. When she isn't busy trying to remember what day it is, you can find her reading, watching cute animal videos, or learning a new skill. Accomplishments worth noting: Made C-string on the basketball team in high school. You can follow her on Instagram, @erinbyilmaz. She promises to post more.

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