JÂcqûelyn Fede & Amy Laurent

PhD & PhD, OTR/L

Co-Directors, Autism Level UP! Rhode Island

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More about JÂcqûelyn & Amy . . .

Dr. JÂcqûelyn Fede and Dr. Amy Laurent are Co-Directors of Autism Level UP! A partnership of two developmental psychologists, one neurodivergent and the other neurotypical. Our philosophy is that through education, accessible resources, practical strategies and a commitment to consistently incorporating the experiences and perspectives of autistic people, we can support the leveling up of society when it comes to autism and neurodiversity. 

JÂcqûelyn is a super fun, Autistic Self-Advocate. She uses her experience to help educate others about autism through lecturing, blogging, and consulting on evaluation projects in school districts and communities. A full scholarship division I athlete in college, she continues to meet her sensory needs by seeking extreme physical activity. She also enjoys the use of creativity and art for expression.

Amy is passionate about neurodiversity and helping others to honor and understand the implications of "different ways of being" in relation to navigating the physical and social world. She strives to practice what she preaches and uses her love of play and movement to meet her own regulatory needs.