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We create supportive, adaptive, respectful, engaging, and easy-to-implement neurodiverse-affirming resources for the autistic community, teachers, and parents.

How to Surf the Waves by Tracey DeMaria, OTD, OTR/L


This book is a curriculum for elementary and middle school students on emotional and sensory regulation. Using the metaphor of waves of emotions, plus themed lessons that explore the ocean, waves, and how to "surf," kids will begin to master emotional awareness and control and eventually become experienced "surfers." 

Cool features in this book: 

  • Colorful and intuitive lesson plans

  • Handouts and links for the lessons

  • Adaptations for different abilities

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Our next project . . .

Let's focus on changing the current perception of autism to something more positive and strength-based. We also want to communicate the importance of treating neurodivergent individuals with respect at all times. Many curricula and assessments still focus on an individual's deficits and what they should change to conform to the "norm." We wish to facilitate a shift in how educators use language and view their neurodivergent students, and in how they can support students to learn and be successful in a positive and regulation-focused environment.


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You are some of the most influential people in our lives. We all remember our teachers. Many of us have positive memories of those who helped us learn and navigate our way through childhood and adolescence. We might even have had one very special educator who made such a significant impact that it still affects us as adults.

Teachers, you are some of the most underappreciated people in our kids’ lives. You put countless hours into creating a rich learning environment for your students. . . .


Ready to explore the gutsy side of autism? With over sixty million people affected globally, it's time to shed light on the gut-brain connection and its potential to manage symptoms of this neurodevelopmental diagnosis. From social difficulties to sleep and digestive issues, autism can come with various challenges. But did you know that the health of the gut may hold the key to reducing these symptoms?

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