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We create supportive, adaptive, respectful, engaging, and easy-to-implement neurodiverse-affirming resources for the autistic community, teachers, and parents.

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How to Surf the Waves by Dr. Tracey DeMaria

What We Are Currently Working On...

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This book is a curriculum for elementary students on emotional regulation. Using the metaphor of waves of emotions, plus themed lessons that explore the ocean, waves, and how to "surf," kids will begin to master emotional awareness and control and eventually become experienced "surfers." 

Cool features in this book: 

  • Colorful and intuitive lesson plans

  • Handouts and links for the lessons

  • Adaptations for different abilities

  • Picture/word vocabulary lists

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Your home should be a sanctuary where everyone in your family can relax. Comfort is especially important when you have an autistic child. Having a safe space is important for autistic children to thrive. Using these five tips is a good way to start creating a calm home environment for your autistic children.

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How can society be more inclusive of the neurodivergent community?

If you would like to learn more about how to promote acceptance and respect for autistic individuals, read "10 Ways Society Can Be More Inclusive of People With Autism" by Janessa Dominguez, PhD.

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