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We hope you enjoyed this year's OCALICON as much as we did!

Our session, Autism Moving Forward: Unexpected Lessons From a Weird Year, went great! It's always an exciting experience to present at a prestigious conference like OCALICON.

In case you missed it, you can download our presentation slides and our handout here:

How to Surf the Waves by Dr. Tracey DeMaria

What We Are Currently Working On...

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Book cover
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This book is a curriculum for elementary students on emotional regulation. Using the metaphor of waves of emotions, plus themed lessons that explore the ocean, waves, and how to "surf," kids will begin to master emotional awareness and control and eventually become experienced "surfers." 

Cool features in this book: 

  • Colorful and intuitive lesson plans

  • Handouts and links for the lessons

  • Adaptations for different abilities

  • Picture/word vocabulary lists

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Storms of Emotion - Tantrum or Meltdown?

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Traditionally, when people see an upset child crying, screaming, and falling on the ground, they call it a tantrum and assume the child is wanting their own way. They may label the child in negative ways—as a brat…spoiled…a problem. For autistic children, these same behaviors may indicate something quite different. It may not be a tantrum. It may be what is known as a meltdown. Let’s look at the difference.

In The News...

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Have you ever experienced a social hangover?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone! Catherine Londero has written a book called, The Social Hangover: Autism and Social Events which is an excellent resource to help you learn how to manage, and possibly avoid, a social hangover.

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