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Becoming Social Again

Although the pandemic slowed us all down, we are all moving forward in rebuilding our social relationships. In this section you will find suggestions for dealing with anxiety, managing stress, and developing a satisfying social life.


Adults in Transition

Autistic adults found that the pandemic years were stressful but also full of new opportunities for virtual learning, employment, and social opportunities. In this section you will find advice for both younger and older autistic adults.

Working Together
Coming soon!

Back to School

Everyone was affected by the past few years, but none more than children. In this section you will find advice and strategies to help both children and adults adapt to the school setting.


Into the Community

It’s time to take care of doctor and dentist visits, plan travel, and visit places in our communities, like stores or theaters. In this section you will find tips and advice for going back out into the world.

Kids Playing Carnival Game
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