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Autism Moving Forward

Not having words blocks your innermost desires

Not being able to communicate stops dreams from coming true

Lacking a voice locks a cage around your life.

Now, having that long longed-for means of communication

Life is open to great joy

Love comes pouring in

Precious plans can be made

Truth can be told

Lessons learned, and taught

And dreams which were once forbidden suddenly become possible

Autism Moving Forward is an exciting thought! It is a struggle to

make progress when you have autism. It is hard. But with support and

encouragement and practice, we CAN move forward and follow our


In my youth, no way was I capable of making progress because I

couldn’t speak, and the school tests claimed that I was only as intelligent

as an infant. I had little hope. But, with the introduction of a letterboard that allowed me to spell what I wanted to say, my life began heading in a glorious direction. I was able to take the reins and be the master of my own destiny. I was able to learn age appropriately, and to interact with my peers. I took fascinating, grade-level classes in school, and lessons in piano and ballet outside of school.

Perhaps though, the greatest step forward came when I was able to

type on my keyboard that I wanted to try painting. Once I began painting, I

found where my passion and my talent was waiting to be discovered, and I

have since been very loudly admired and exhibited. I am now able to live

a full and happy life of my own choosing!

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